Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine’s 32nd issue has a bit of bad news for Detective Conan fans out there as they revealed that mangaka Gosho Aoyama will be taking a 7-week break. However, the magazine did confirm that he will be back for its 40th issue.

The magazine also stated that Gosho Aoyama will still be working during that break, as he will be conducting some research during that seven week period. They also confirmed that Takahiro Arai’s Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time spin-off manga will be taking the original’s spot during the break. The spin-off is based on the popular character, Tohru Amuro.

This new hiatus comes as the latest Detective Conan movie, Zero the Enforcer, spent seven weeks on top of the Japanese box office. It would later go on to become the highest-grossing film in the franchise.

Aoyama doesn’t go on hiatus that much during Detective Conan’s decades, but he has been taking more and more a bit lately. He did take another break last December, and it lasted several months. This is because he fell ill and needed some treatment. The manga then returned in April of this year. And before that, he also went on hiatuses in November and October of last year as well.

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source: ANN


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