Last week, severe storms caused massive flooding in Hiroshima. It was so serious that it it created food shortages in Hiroshima, Okayama and Ehime prefectures. The problem was so serious that it even forced Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to cancel his most recent diplomatic tour.

But recently, several well known mangaka have started reaching out to the flooding victims. These mangaka even help launch the , which means Good Luck Western Japan Illustration, Hiroshima native and Fuuka/The Town Where You Live mangaka Kouji Seo was one of the people who launched the hashtag. His sister sent him an image of where she lives, and it clearly made him worry.

Ahiru no Sora mangaka Takeshi Hinata then replied to his tweet saying that he also wants to do something. Of course, Seo agreed, and launched the hashtag with his own illustration. Hinata followed suit afterwards with his own tweet.

Other mangaka followed, the most notable of whom are Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima and Hajime no Ippo’s George Morikawa.

Others include Knight in the Area’s Kaya Tsukiyama, as well as Samurai Deeper Kyo‘s Akimine Kamijyou.

Relief efforts are still ongoing, so hang in there Japan!

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