Gundam Build Divers recently streamed its 15th episode, Lotus Challenge, last night. It featured a challenge so difficult that even the top-ranked teams have never completed it. And now, Riku and his team would try this challenge themselves.

However, while the episode itself is action-packed, a few eagle-eyed Filipino fans noticed something very familiar. It came in one of the scenes which feature Maggie and Tiger Wolf talking about the Riku and the others taking the challenge. Some pointed out that the location of where they’re meeting might be based on a restaurant in the Philippines.

The Filipino viewers pointed out that the resort Tigerwolf and Maggie are in is in fact Villa Escudero, a popular tourist resort in Quezon Province in Luzon, Philippines. From the famous Villa Escudero waterfall in the left to the red hut in the background, many are convinced that the location inspired Sunrise for the scene’s setting.

Come to think of it, they do look the same! Well, aside from those star decorations the Filipinos call Parols. But whatever the case, it got Filipino fans talking.

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source: GunPla Fanclub Facebook page


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