Eiichiro Oda is probably one of the most celebrated mangaka in the world. He’s also one of Japan’s most famous illustrators. And when Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s 50th anniversary edition came out, he is one of the mangaka who drew several crossover illustrations. The crossovers included My Hero Academia and Naruto, as well as Black Clover and Yu Yu Hakusho. Oda drew the one Piece an Dragon Ball crossover, with Luffy and Goku. However, things got a little awkward as fans pointed out that Goku and Luffy look exactly the same.

Many fans pointed out that the combo of Luffy and Goku in Oda’s art style just looked plain weird. The mangaka himself may have purposely made it to look like this, but it didn’t exactly get the results that he intended. Some of the comments by fans for the awkward illustration include:

“Look at those eyes and the shape of his mouth, Oda’s Goku is a straight-up psycho.”
“Oda’s Goku is insane. He looks like he’s going to keep that creepy smile on his face all the while as he tears your arm off.”
“Goku looks like he’d slug you as soon as you made eye contact.”
“I could see him gleefully murdering a group of small children.”
“I’ll be seeing that version of Goku in my nightmares.”
“I think if you stare at Oda’s Goku for too long, you’ll start losing your grip on your sanity.”

Well, this just shows that no matter how great Oda is, even legends fail sometimes. But don’t worry, this would barely stop his momentum. But if you look at Goku’s face long enough, it might suck out your soul… just kidding… or am I?

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Source: Sora News 24


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