Planning to go to Japan and looking for a place to stay? Well, there’s some good news for anime fans out there! This is because SouthWorks, a Tokyo-based company whose main service is to distribute Japanese games to overseas, has launched their new Otaku House project. It would include an anime-themed guest house for foreign tourists, as well as tours and events.

Here’s how the site describes the project:

“Lots of contents of Japan, not only in Japan but lots of fans in other places, and is loved in each country in their own ways. There are as much excitement created as the number of fans of animes, mangas, games and cosplays somewhere in the globe. Numbers of overseas fans visit Japan for more excitement and treasures. OTAKU HOUSE Project is created for fans to feel the excitement right at your hands. The Project is moving on for 2019 Opening. We are planning to seek supports through crowdfunding this summer to raise money to make the project more exciting. To start with, let us hear your opinion about your ideal OTAKU HOUSE. We want the best OTAKU HOUSE for you.”

They’re planning to open the house by April 2019, and to get funds to create the project, they’re using crowdfunding. They will begin that in late July, with a variety of options which range from 3,000-10,000 yen.

The Otaku House also has several facilities, such as an anime-style capsule room, a living room where you can watch anime and read manga, a cosplay room, and a VR room.

Now that certainly is a great place for anime fans to stay, and they’re located in Akihabara.

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source: Otaku House official website via Crunchyroll


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