Because of their rift with their now former-employee, Hideo Kojima, Konami has sacrificed a ton of possible games. Of course, this includes Kojima’s collaboration project with acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro, Silent Hills, which also stars Norman Reedus. But before Konami cancelled the project because of the feud, they did release a “P.T.” (Playable Teaser) for the game. Now, a 17-year old fan tried to make a remake of the game for PC. Needless to say that Konami asked him to shut his remake down.

In a blog on Game Jolt, the developer known as “Qimsar” said that it was a Konami rep who called him and asked to take down the remake. However, the 17-year old developer also noted that they also offered him an internship. He said that the representative told him that ” the remake was very popular with Konami staff.”


The P.T. is one of the very symbols of the rift between Kojima and Konami. The Metal Gear Solid creator tried to make a new (and frightening) Silent Hills game with del Toro. However, Konami just cancelled it, resulting in fans getting disappointed and angry at the company. Kojima then left the company in 2015 to form Kojima productions. He is now working on the new PS4 game, Death Stranding, alongside Norman Reedus once again.

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