As we all know, Uma Musume’s horse girls are based on actual racehorses from Japan, as well as the rest of the world. While some are already dead, such as Silence Suzuka, El Condor Pasa, and Special Week, others are still very much alive. And now, the anime has revealed that they’re also helping out some of these horses, as well as other race horses. They are doing this through the anime’s DVD and Blu-ray sales.

The anime’s official website revealed that the earnings for each anime DVD or Blu-ray for Uma Musume will be donated to the Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book (JAIRS) and Horse Community’s Thanks Horse project. JAIRS is dedicated to improving the lives of racehorses, while the Thanks Horse project helps out retired race horses. In fact, some of the horses featured in the anime are part of the Thanks Horse project.  They turn these retired racers as therapy animals, or as riding partners for the general public.

In the world of horse racing, it’s common practice to put down injured animals. The most notable example of this is of course, Silence Suzuka, one of the anime’s main characters, who was put down during his breakout year in 1998 after suffering a major industry. Those who are too old to race are often put down as well. However, with projects like Thanks Horse, they aim to save animals such as these. This means that buying the Blu-ray or DVD will really be helping horses out. So yes, as an animal and anime lover, why not help out, right?

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