Indonesia, are you ready? Because SOZO just announced another big guest arriving for C3 AFA Jakarta 2018! And for the first time ever, virtual YouTuber, Ai Kizuna, Oyabun herself, is coming to Indonesia! So Jakarta, are you ready for some “Hai Doumo!”?

For those who don’t know her, here’s how Wow Japan, AFA’s official blog, describe’s Ai Kizuna:

Kizuna AI is Japan’s most popular virtual YouTuber — if not not the world, with over two million susbcribers. She usually posts videos talking about random subjects, as well a footage of all the video games she plays. She has recently embarked on a musical career with the release of her first single “Hello, Morning”.

C3 AFA Jakarta is happening from the 31st of August until 2nd September 2018 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition. They are also teaming up with Game Start this year, so better expect a ton of gaming content this year as well!

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source: Wow Japan


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