Yes folks, yet another manga/anime is getting a live-action movie, and this time, it’s Fujita’s Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. The staff have been teasing an “urgent announcement” for quite some time now, and they even released a new video announcing the live-action movie.

Aside from revealing the movie, the video also announces that the Wotakoi manga now has 7 million copies in print. Of course, this includes the digital sales. Meanwhile, series creator Fujita also got in on the celebrations by releasing a special illustration for the movie.

This romantic comedy centers around a group of otaku workmates. The outgoing Narumi is hiding the fact that she’s a fujoshi while her recently-reunited childhood friend, Hirotaka, doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a gamer. Throw in a fellow fujoshi who is also a cosplayer and her otaku boyfriend and we’ve got a complicated-yet-funny romantic comedy that’s as sweet as it’s awkward (at times).

Expect the staff to make more announcements about the live-action movie in the days to come.

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