After a long wait, we finally have new footage from the upcoming Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. lost butterfly movie. The staff have now released the very first trailer for the second Heaven’s Feel movie, and it’s gonna make fans hyped. It features plenty of action, as well as the much-anticipated arrival of Saber Alter!

The new trailer not only reveals all the action, but also its January 12, 2019 release date. The sequel will continue after the events of the first movie, Presage Flower, which certainly left fans hanging during its ending. It will be part of a film trilogy which adapts the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel’s Heaven’s Feel route. This route focuses on Sakura Matoh.

As for its international release, they have already confirmed that it’s really happening. The first movie was released in several countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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