In anime fandom, there’s this term called “Gainaxing”, where the chests of well-endowed women tend to… bounce. It is the “The technique of drawing a female character with unusually large and buoyant breasts and without a bra, then animating every individual jiggle, sway, bounce and bobble they undergo.”. It’s basically a reference to how some anime girls chests from Gainax anime tend to be bouncier than most. Now, it seems that pulling that trick off in animation itself is quite difficult. One of the biggest examples this season would be Shera from “How Not To Summon a Demon Lord”. You can see her’s bounce all around (and in close-up) in the anime’s own OP:

Now, a storyboard of the OP has recently surfaced, and it turns out that it dedicated four whole panels just for her… bouncy stuff. Here’s what the directions essentially had to say for each of those panels:

  1. “A closeup of Shera’s breasts, ever so slightly slick with sweat as they spread out.”
  2. “Then -POW- they slap together.
    Sweat flies off of them.”
  3. “Her breasts recoil away from each other, and the camera pulls back a bit at the same time.”
  4. “And then they float up from the wind pressure.”

Here’s the original storyboard:

Gainax may not have animated the series, but it does keep its legacy alive, doesn’t it? Japanese anime news site, Animate Times, even shared a few more storyboards from the anime’s OP:

As for the anime itself, “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord” is currently airing as part of the Summer 2018 anime season.

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source: Animate Times via Sora News 24


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