After months of waiting, we finally have new details on the Code Geass sequel project, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection. It turns out that this sequel won’t be a TV anime, but an animated feature film! And it will be just one movie instead of a series of movies like Akito the Exiled. In fact, they really emphasized that it will only be one movie, which will serve as a “finale” for the franchise. The staff have now also released a new trailer for it.

This new video debuted in two of Tokyo’s Mega Screens before hitting the internet. Based on the movie’s title alone, it looks like Lelouch is still alive! And they even confirmed it. Director Goro Taneguchi guaranteed that this is indeed the Lelouch we know from the TV anime, and not some alternate version. Aside from the new trailer, they also revealed a new key visual, which features C.C. kneeling before Zero’s helmet, with his shadow nearby:

Sunrise will once again be producing the anime, while Ichiro Okouchi will be writing the movie’s script. Meanwhile, Takahiro Kimura will be doing the character designing, though they also listed CLAMP as the ones responsible for the original character designs.

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