In American Late Night talk shows, fake feuds are pretty common. While others have been going on for years, like Jimmy Kimmel “vs.” Matt Damon, some are relatively new. This includes a new one which happened just this week, and it’s between comedian Conan O’Brien and Detective Conan. O’Brien called out the anime character for “ripping him off” in a joke segment. Now, it seems the feud has escalated a bit… (yeah, don’t take this too seriously like most fans, this is just a comedy bit after all, no harm intended by Conan O’Brien)

In his latest comedy segment, the Late Night talk show host said that the mayor of Conan Town, invited him to visit. However, the comedian joked that he has a few ridiculous demands, such as renaming a laundromat after him and changing the Conan statue’s hair to something like his own…

Previously, the comedian offered up a few comparisons between him and the anime character. First of all, he pointed out that both of them have skinny legs, as well as distinctive hair, always wears a suit, always asks people questions, and is also cartoonish. But most importantly, Conan pointed out that both him and Detective Conan are men trapped in a child’s body.

Conan O’Brien then went on to talk about how popular anime Conan is, from trains to statues, to even having a town named after him, Conan Town. And finally, the late night talk show host demanded that the “Japanese version of him” pay about 3 trillion yen to the “More Famous Conan”. He’s just kidding of course… or is he? But then again, this could just mean that his next “Conan Without Borders” segment is going to be in Japan!

Yeah, I don’t think he needs the attention all that much…

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