The Virtual YouTuber (or V-Tubers) craze is ever-growing, even in Japan. So much so that several anime have launched their own V-Tubers, and one of them is Overlord. They recently introduced Slime-Ko, who is now hosting her own YouTube channel. She even launched her first video on YouTube:

She mainly just introduces herself, and also promotes the upcoming Overlord smartphone game, Overlord: Mass for the Dead. She also talked about the upcoming game’s membership campaign as well. The game’s developers designed her in conjunction with the game itself. In other words, she’ll likely be making announcements about some of of Overlord: Mass for the Dead’s events among others.

The game itself is based on the world of Yggdrasil, though nothing much is known about its story yet. Pre-registration is now open, but the staff haven’t really revealed any further information. However, with Slime-Ko’s introduction, expect her to inform us more about the game in the days to come.

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