Chio’s School Road is currently one of the most hilarious TV anime this season. However, its very creator, mangaka Tadataka Kawasaki, has confirmed that his manga is indeed ending. This is despite the fact that his series is insanely popular right now because of the TV anime.

His tweet stated that we’ll be saying goodbye to Chio AKA Bloody Butterfly in the October issue of Monthly Comic Flapper magazine, which will be released on September 5, 2018. In addition, the manga’s ninth and final compiled tankoubon volume will get its release on September 21. As for the TV anime, it’s also ending in September as well.

Here’s how Yen Press, which distributes the manga internationally, describes the series’ story:

For Chio Miyamo, just making it to school is a miracle! Whether it’s construction sites, biker gangs, or the sudden call of nature, obstacles great and small stand in the path of our titular hero!

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