Let’s face it, Fate/Grand Order is now one of the most popular anime-based smartphone games today. And its popularity ain’t just limited to Japan, but it’s also popular worldwide. And now, the game has reached a new milestone of 14 million downloads! To celebrate the milestone, the game’s staff recently aired a new TV commercial:

A-1 Pictures animated the commercial, while Fate/Apocrypha’s Yuukei Yamada not only designed the characters, but directed it as well. As for the song in the video, its “Kono Hoshi de, tada Hitotsudake” by SAYA. And yes, the commercial has servants… a lot of them in fact. Now can you name them all?

And speaking of Fate/Grand Order, the game will also be launching a new campaign soon. They will release it on September 5, 2018, and will include several sweet bonuses. These include log-in bonuses, extra bonuses, lowered AP costs for servants, and many more.

The game is now available in Chinese, English, and Japanese versions via iOS and Android smartphone devices.

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