Last year, Type-Moon dethroned Kantai Collection to earn the top doujin spot during Comiket 93. But this year, it looks like Type-Moon didn’t get the Top spot and beat out KanColle again because its their top cash cow, the Fate series, which took the #1 spot.

Twitter user myrmecoleon has once again listed the Comiket trends for this summer’s event. This time, 40,400 circles registered, which is roughly the same as last year’s event. He also listed which franchises got the most doujinshi or fan works:

  1. Fate series: 2,256
  2. Kantai Collection: 1,731
  3. The [email protected]: 1,485
  4. Touhou Project: 1,355
  5. Touken Ranbu: 1,067
  6. Love Live!: 595
  7. Azur Lane: 586
  8. Girls und Panzer: 529
  9. Yuri!!! on Ice: 505
  10. Vocaloid: 381
  11. Granblue Fantasy: 287
  12. Tiger & Bunny: 255
  13. Haikyu!!: 250
  14. Kuroko’s Basketball: 250
  15. Mr. Osomatsu: 224
  16. Detective Conan: 197
  17. Attack on Titan: 180
  18. Kemono Friends: 170
  19. Ensemble Stars!: 141
  20. Land of the Lustrous: 15

Looks like Fate really dominated the Comiket Doujin scene this time, with 2,256 circles doing Fate doujins, as opposed to KanColle’s 1,731. myrmecoleon also prediced that we should also expect a surge of virtual YouTube doujins in future editions of Comiket.

Comiket 94 is expected to be big once again, with hundreds of thousands of people attending. It will feature cosplay, as well as several booths from popular figures in the anime industry. It will happen over at the Tokyo Big Sight from August 10-12, 2018.

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