Linkin Park is arguably one of the most popular rock bands on Earth. They’re also quite the Gundam fans as well, even featuring GunPla in a few of their music videos. But when vocalist Chester Bennington passed away after committing suicide, it saddened many fans, including the GunPla community. It’s been over a year since his passing, and now, the Gundam franchise pays tribute to Chester, as well as Linkin Park, in Episode 19 of Gundam Build Divers, which is titled Nadeshiko-athlon.

Now, the episode might have only presented it as an Easter Egg, but it was enough to make fans go wild. It featured a recreation of the 1/144 HGUC RX-78 Gundam GP01Fb Linkin Park Edition plastic model’s box art… with Petitguys. Needless to say, it got fans talking.

They released the model as part of Gundam’s 30th anniversary, and also includes a CD of “A Thousand Suns”.  Needless to say, that kit has already been discontinued, but found new popularity after Chester’s passing. May he rest in peace.

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