When it comes to gathering cosplayers from all over Japan, Comiket ranks among one of Japan’s top cosplay events… even though the event is more about the doujinshi and less about the cosplay. In fact, ALL THREE DAYS of the doujinshi event has been packed with all sorts of crazy cosplays. One of the cosplayers who attended the event is Enako, who many fans hail as “Japan’s #1 cosplayer”. As usual, she knows how to draw a crowd with her “ALO Asuna” costume.

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She really knows how to draw a crowd, huh? However, after that photo session, she changed to a different costume as Azur Lane’s Atago. She appeared in the game’s booth as the character and helped promote the game.

Oh, and she also manned her own booth… in costume. Needless to say, her booth drew quite a line as well.


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