After a couple of months’ worth of teasing, we finally receive some word on Arc System Works’ upcoming Kill la Kill game. During EVO 2018, the fighting game makers responsible for Blazblue and Guilty Gear revealed new gameplay footage from the new game, which is titled Kill la Kill: IF.

So far, it looks like the game will be an arena fighter, with Satsuki and Ryuuko confirmed as playable characters. Arc System Works also revealed some game mechanics as well:

Game Mechanics

Kill la Kill: IF is a 3D battle action game where players run around the field and fight against their opponent using various movements and attacks. Utilize a mix of long ranged and short ranged attacks to keep your foe off balance. Victory is achieved once you’ve depleted your opponent’s health bar to zero.

No More Complicated Commands! Simple Inputs Allow for a Variety of Attacks!

While there is only one button assigned for close ranged attacks, combining the button with a directional input (up, down, left, or right), or pressing it during jumps or dashes will allow you to perform a wide variety of attacks that vary in range and direction.

A Game of Reads that Fighting Games Fans Would Love!

In addition to the basic rock paper scissor elements that fighting games employ (in Kill la Kill: IF’s case – consisting of Attack, Guard, and Break Attack), the game also incorporates two additional elements: Evasion and Evasion Catch Attack. Players can expect to experience a simple yet engaging gameplay loop that encourages deep and intricate interactions in the midst of combat.

The Mechanic That Will Bring Back The Spirit of the Animated Series!!

Introducing the “Ketsui Testament.” The “Ketsui Testament” recreates iconic scenes from the original animated series, where characters engage in a heated exchange of words during battle. By pressing L1+R1 during battle and hitting the opponent with the “Ketsui Burst”, you enter into the “Ketsui Testament”. Once activated, each player will choose one from the three rock paper scissors choice of phrases to use as their testament. If the activator results in a win or a draw in this engagement, the winnner’s “Ketsui Level” increases. When the “Ketsui Level” increases, that character receives massive power-ups such as enhanced normal attacks and special moves. At max level, you gain access to the instant kill skill, “Fiber Lost: Secret Arts” (Sen’i Soshitsu Ougi). Ketsui Levels do not decrease during battle.

Arc System Works will be releasing the game for both the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019.

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