Back in 2016, Makoto Shinkai and ComiX Wave films released one of the most successful Japanese animated films of all time, your name. The anime movie didn’t just top Japan’s box office, but also the box office of other countries, and was a huge international and critical success.

The movie prompted many fans to ask what Shinkai’s next work will be about. And after a couple of years, the acclaimed director himself tweeted in English to tease fans about his new work.

So… Shinkai will be releasing his next work next year. The director has been teasing his new work since January 2017, as fans are clamoring for more of his anime work.

However, Shinkai still remains mum about what this new anime will be about. He also hasn’t revealed its title. But with the confirmation that they will be releasing it next year, expect fans and critics alike to be looking forward to it.

But in-between these projects, Shinkai did direct an anime commercial… about Singapore’s Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).

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