Netflix has received much success with their Castlevania animated series, and are now looking to adapting more popular video games. This time, with Diablo’s Switch release on the wings, it looks like they’re teaming up with Blizzard next. That’s right folks, Netflix may be planning on making a new Diablo series, and rumors have stated that they already have a writer.

According to the Revenge of the Fans site, they’ve already asked Hellboy writer Andrew Cosby to the the scripts. However, they didn’t reveal any further details about the new series so far. But do remember to take this piece of news with a grain of salt, as these are still unconfirmed rumors.

But with Blizzcon happening soon, they may announce it during the event. And it seems that the timing for the rumor is a bit perfect as Netflix has been expanding much in their anime department. Then again, it was also because of rumors that we know about Diablo’s Nintendo Switch release…

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source: ComicBook.Com



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