Are you ready for more overpowered goodness? Why you may ask? Because Saitama is back of course, as One Punch Man prepares its return with season 2! And during a One Punch Man event back in Japan, the staff debuted a brand new PV, which announces the anime’s April 2019 premiere.

The new video also teases a new character by the name of Garou. Meanwhile, its official website also updated, and revealed a new key visual for the upcoming anime. It also features Saitama and Genos, along with Garou:

JC Staff will be the anime’s new studio, taking over the project from Madhouse. Chikara Sakurai, who worked as an episode director for Naruto Shippuden, will now be the anime’s new director. However, much of the cast will be reprising their roles from the anime’s first season. Finally, the anime’s official website also confirmed that JAM Project, which performed the first season’s OP song, will also be performing the second season’s OP as well.

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