Despite experiencing much success as a whole, the anime industry is really tough to crack. It ain’t easy making it there, and the industry itself is pretty cut throat. A lot of animation studios have already come and gone, and a lot have gone out of business. And now, another one may be biting the dust soon, as animation studio, Drop, may be filing for its own bankruptcy.

It seems that they have ceased operations starting August 24, 2018, and are already readying the documents needed to file for bankruptcy. According to everyday fukeiki news, the recent economic downturn in Japan has caused reduced orders for them doing animation., They also stated that increasing labor costs are also one of the main reasons for them going down.

For those unfamiliar with Drop, it’s an animation studio based in Nerima, Tokyo. They mostly do commercial animation, video production, and CG production. Last year however, they tried their hand at producing anime of their own, as they released two TV anime. These are Glamorous Heroes (top image) and the drama tragedy, Lights of the Clione (second image).

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