Baki Hanma may be one of the most powerful fighters in his anime, but he may have met his match! This time, the hit combat anime is having a surprising twitter collaboration… with Badminton anime, Hanebado. In in that collaboration, he will be taking on that crazy (literally) badminton genius with mommy issues, Ayano Hanesaki. If you saw how crazy Ayano is, you’d know Baki is DOOMED.

As for the collaboration, both anime have launched a special twitter page called Hanebaki. The battle between the two would be about phrases, as the twitter page would post phrases said by the two characters, and fans would decide which phrase is better. Of course it won’t have them actually have a fight because Baki would be in too much of a disadvantage. Have you seen those eyes? Yeah, Baki is gonna get his butt kicked thoroughly!

After the face-off between Baki and Ayano, they will launch a second and third phase. They already revealed that the second phase will feature Baki and Ayano’s parents, though they didn’t reveal anything about the third phase yet.

As to why both anime are collaborating, this is because Tokyo MX is airing both of them after the other. RIP Baki Hanma.

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