Lina Inverse fans and Slayers fans in general, they’re baaaaaaaaaaack! Author Hajime Kanzaka is reuniting with illustrator Yui Araizumi for the first time in 18 years! And yes, they’re doing a new Slayers novel, which is the first new one released since the light novel series “concluded” back in May 2000 with the 15th novel.

Fantasia Bunko revealed that they will be releasing the 16th volume of the light novel series on October 20. However, they still haven’t revealed any further details yet. But whatever the case may be for its release, expect a lot of people who grew up in the 90’s to be very happy.

The series inspired a total of five TV anime, as well as two OVAs and five films. There were also multiple manga adaptations as well. The light novels and anime follow the adventures of Lina Inverse and her companions as they battle demons, bandits, and all sorts of bad guys.

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