Novelist Haruka Takachiho began the now-classic novel series, Dirty Pair, back in 1979. It inspired several other adaptations, including a TV anime, OVAs, manga, and other forms of media. And now, it looks like Kei and Yuri, codename “the Lovely Angels,” are back!

According to Haruka Takachiho himself, the new novel’s title is Dirty Pair no Daichouyaku (Dirty Pair’s Great Leap). And what’s more is that the legendary character designer, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who was the original Gundam anime’s character designer, is also returning to illustrate the novel. Takachiho said that it was the illustrator who convinced him to write a new Dirty Pair Novel. This was because Yasuhiko complkained that he’s tired of illustrating Takashiho’s other popular novel series, Crusher Joe.

The series currently has seven novels, with the new one being the eighth. They released the seventh book back in 2007, making it 11 years since they previously released one. Here’s how Dark Horse, which distributed the first two novels in English, describes Dirty Pair’s story:

Charged with keeping the peace and investigating crime among the stars, the Worlds Welfare Work Association (WWWA) prides itself on a reputation of safety and regard for life and property. If only someone would tell that to Agents Kei and Yuri, codename “the Lovely Angels,” but better known as the Dirty Pair. Part female James Bond and part walking disaster, this duo gets the job done, though there are no guarantees that a city or two won’t get razed in the process.

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