Just as its TV anime adaptation is making fans laugh their butts off, Weekly Young Magazine has some sad news for fans of Jasmine Gyuh’s Back Street Girls comedy manga. According to the magazine’s announcement, the manga’s final chapter will be inside the pages of their issue #42. Unfortunately, that issue is getting its release later this week, on September 15, 2018.

The manga recently went on hiatus before coming back in time in time for the TV anime to begin airing. However, it seems that it was just enough time for the manga to set up its conclusion before saying goodbye. And it looks like they’re timing the anime’s ending to just being a week apart from the manga’s.

The manga follows three Yakuza underlings as they try to act like actual female idols… after being forced by their producer boss of course. And yes, if they don’t do as he wishes, they have to commit suicide, as Yakuza tend to emulate old samurai traditions. It follows them as they face the challenges of hiding their true selves from their ever-loving fans. Amazing what Makeup and a little sex-change surgery can do, huh?!

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source: Young Magazine #41


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