Hunter x Hunter fans rejoice, because Hunter x Hunter’s latest hiatus ain’t even lasting a year, which is short by Togashi’s standards. The manga, which has been quite infamous for its long hiatuses which last for years is coming back on September 22. Its return chapter will be available on Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s issue#43.

The manga’s latest hiatus started back in April, and would be considered long if this weren’t Yoshihiro Togashi we’re talking about. And as soon as the news of the manga’s return dropped, fans started rolling their eyes expecting another hiatus soon. This is because Togashi only seems to work on spurts of 3-6 chapters/weeks before going on another long hiatus.

Well, that’s Hunter x Hunter for you! Well, it seems that fans are used to these hiatuses already that they’re becoming thankful whenever Togashi returns. His usual excuse for taking breaks is because of his health problems, specifically, he says he has some issues with his back. However, many fans have attributed these hiatuses to him being… well… lazy.

So, what do you guys think about this latest return? How long do you think this will last until he goes on another hiatus? HOPEFULLY, he can return long enough to finish the series.

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