It’s no secret that rapper Kanye West is one of the biggest celebrity anime fans out there. But his favorite has always been Akira, the cult classic anime movie by Katsuhiro Otomo. He loves the anime so much that he proclaimed that it’s the  “greatest animation achievement in history”. Yeah, if Hayao Miyazaki or Walt Disney were receiving an Oscar, Kanye might interrupt them on stage and say that. He also gave Katsuhiro Otomo a pair of Yeezys too!

Kanye’s Akira inspiration also shows in his music. For those who don’t know, the music video for STRONGER is actually inspired by the classic anime. They even filmed it in Japan and had Kaneda’s motorcycle custom built just for the video.

Well, that’s certainly one way of honoring your heroes, huh? As for Otomo, I think he looks happy to have Kanye as one of his biggest fanboys. Oh, and I think Kanye geeked out when he met Otomo too!

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