After all the drama surroundingthe firing of its former director, Tatsuki, Kemono Friends’ second season looks like its pushing through. During the anime’s recent “Kemono Friends Live ~PPP Live~” event, the staff revealed that the anime’s second season is officially green-lit. They also revealed the first PV for this new anime, which features a new friend, Caracal.

Meanwhile, the staff are also looking for new Friends as well. They will not only voice several Kemono Friends characters, but also form a new seiyuu group in addition to PPP and Doubutsu Biscuits. Experience in voice acting and singing aren’t required, but they must be female, “mentally and physically healthy”, and between ages 16-20. Interested applicants may send their resumes here:

As of now, we still don’t know much about this second season, who the staff are, when it’ll air, and whether or not we’ll see Serval and the gang. In the mean time, stay tuned for more announcements about this sequel to last year’s surprising mega hit.

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