We all know that Japan comes up with plenty of weird stuff all the time. And now, to promote the upcoming Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemy Knights TV anime, which premieres this October 6, they are releasing a special drink. However, this special drink is promoted as female lead, Jeanne d’Arc’s spit. And the bottle suggests that as you drink it, you’re kissing her and drinking that spit… oh Japan.

They’re giving away these drink bottles for free during an event for the anime. The drink itself is inspired by a provocative kissing scene from the upcoming anime itself. As you see in the anime’s PV, near the end, J’eanne and the main character are kissing, and they seem to be drinking each other’s spit… oh Japan.

They’re also doing a special campaign on twitter featuring the bottle itself. By tweeting a picture of yourself drinking the “kiss water” with the hashtag #ベーゼ水を飲んでみた (“I drank the kiss water”), you might win an unspecified prize. They’ll be giving away those bottles at the event, which will happen in Tora no Ana Akihabara B on September 30. J’eanne’s seiyuu, Yuko Ono, will be appearing there as well.

But then again, just Japan being Japan.

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source: Sora News 24



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