As we previously revealed, Akira Amano’s Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is getting its own live-action stage play. And now, they released a new video which introduces the 2.5D stage play’s main cast members:

As the video reveals, the play’s cast includes:

Neeko (who is also Reborn’s seiyuu in the anime) as Reborn

Ryouhei Takenaka as Tsunayoshi Sawada

Kousuke Kuwano as Hayato Gokudera

Ryousuke Yamamoto as Takeshi Yamamoto

Teru Uesugi as Ryouhei Sasagawa

KIMERU as Lambo

Yuuta Kishimoto as Kyouya Hibari

Masanari Wada as Mukuro Rokudou

Taizou Shiina as Ken Joushima

Seiya Inagaki as Chikusa Kakimoto

Rino Hirayama as M.M.

Shouta Kawakami as Lancia

Yui Itou as Kyouko Sasagawa

Seira Nagashima as Haru Miura

Maki Toyota as Bianchi

Kaito Kumagai as Fuuta

Here is the stage play’s main visual, as revealed by the official website:

Officially titled Katekyo Hitman Reborn The Stage, this 2.5D play will have its first stop at The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo. The theater will hold the first run from September 21-30, 2018. Then, their next stop will be Osaka’s Mielparque hall from October 3-6. Maruichirou Maruo is directing the 2.5D stage play, and is also writing its script as well.

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