Just when you thought that the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie ain’t getting a sequel after Tohka’s actress deciding to be a priestess in an actual cult, the official website for Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul manga has announced that it’s getting a new sequel… with a new Tohka. They even revealed a new announcement trailer for the upcoming movie:

Masataka Kubo is returning as Kaneki from the previous movie, while Shota Matsuda is joining the cast as Shuu Tsukiyama. And now, they revealed that Maika Yamamoto will be the new Tohka, replacing the now-cultist Fumika Shimizu.

The movie itself will premiere sometime in 2019, though the staff haven’t revealed any further details yet. They haven’t even revealed the movie’s official title. Looks like we would have to stay tuned for more announcements in the days to come. Meanwhile, here is Masataka Kubota in costume as Kaneki for the first movie:

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source: Comic Natalie


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