Fujita’s office romantic comedy, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku didn’t just get an anime adaptation, but a live-action film as well! And now, the staff have revealed the actors for the movie’s main couple, Narumi and Hirotaka.

Kento Yamazaki, who previously played L in the live-action Death Note TV series, is playing Hirotaka, a hardcore gamer. Meanwhile, Mitsuki Takahata is playing Narumi, Hirotaka’s childhood friend and a fujoshi.

Yuuichi Fukuda, who directed both live-action Gintama movies, will be directing the new movie. Filming will begin between October and November this year, and it will open in 2019.

This romantic comedy centers around a group of otaku workmates. The outgoing Narumi is hiding the fact that she’s a fujoshi while her recently-reunited childhood friend, Hirotaka, doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a gamer. Throw in a fellow fujoshi who is also a cosplayer and her otaku boyfriend and we’ve got a complicated-yet-funny romantic comedy that’s as sweet as it’s awkward (at times).

Expect the staff to make more announcements about the live-action movie in the days to come.

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source: Eiga.com


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