For years, Asuna has held the top spot as Sword Art Online’s most popular character. However, it looks like things might be changing up a bit. Abema TV is currently holding an official character poll for Sword Art Online on Twitter, and they have now released the interim results. Unfortunately, it looks like Asuna may get dethroned for the first time.

In the interim results, Yuuki is actually in the lead with 2,243 points, followed by Sinon who has 2,145 points. Trailing behind in third is the usually dominant Asuna, who is surprisingly far behind at only 1,345 points. This ain’t an all-female poll though, as in fourth place and leading all male characters is Kirito, followed by Silica, Leafa, and Yui.

The poll is still ongoing, so the results may shift and Asuna can still win. However, fans can’t help but cheer for the others because fans love an underdog, right?! Abema TV will reveal the final results on October 6, which means that there’s plenty of time for Asuna to catch up… or have Sinon and Yuuki extend their leads.

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Source: Abema Times



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