Is the Order A Rabbit? fans rejoice, because we’re getting more cawfee and gween tea goodness! The anime’s staff recently held their “DMS Tea Party” event, and there, they announced their future anime plans. For 2019, the series is getting a brand new OVA, and for 2020, they’re doing a Season 3. Here’s the announcement video:

Unfortunately, the staff didn’t reveal any further details yet, but those are the release windows for those two upcoming projects. Expect the staff to make even more announcements in the days to come.

Meanwhile, the staff also announced a new album for the anime’s soundtrack, which is titled Gochiusa DJ Blend 2. It will be a remix album that they will be releasing on December 19, 2018. They will also be holding a special launch event for the album at TSUTAYA O-EAST called “Is the Order a DJ NIGHT?? 2”, and it’s happening on December 29.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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