Re:Zero may be a Japanese show, but its popularity is global. And apparently, it’s also very popular in China. In fact, it’s so popular that Subaru and Emilia recently starred in a commercial for Chinese Cup Noodle brand, Hé Wèi Dào. The video itself does feature Japanese audio, but it does have Chinese subtitles.

In the ad, both Emilia and Subaru are on a study session and are eating the brand’s seafood flavor noodles together. While Emilia is teaching Subaru some things in their study session, Subaru is the one who introduces Emilia to Hé Wèi Dào.

Cup Noodle has a real knack for teaming up with anime, previously teaming up with Attack on Titan. Of course, let’s not forget the blatant marketing campaign they had with Final Fantasy XV as well…

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