When it comes to Touken Ranbu’s sword boys, one of the most popular and iconic ones is of course, the old man himself, Mikazuki Munechika. And now, Orange Rouge, Good Smile Company’s line for fujoshi female-oriented figures, is releasing a life-size statue of him:

As expected, the statue itself is highly-detailed. However, be prepared for forking in a ton of money, because Mikazuki Munechika costs 3 Million yen! Oh, and this still doesn’t even cover shipping costs, which would be between 80,000-600,000 yen, depending on where you are.

Amd that’s not all, because Orange Rouge will only be making 10 of these statues. And with such high demand over limited quantities, they will be holding a lottery at their official website for the right to BUY and PAY 3 Million yen for a 180cm figure. Orange Rouge is now accepting applications via their official website, but only until October 24. They will then contact the winners on October 31, 2018.

Good luck!

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