Attack on Titan is getting yet another live-action adaptation. But this time, it’s Hollywood’s turn to adapt Hajime Isayama’s manga. However, it seems that Warner Bros. is very serious about the adaptation, as they hired a box office director to helm the project. And he’s none other than Andy Muschietti, who is still fresh off his horror mega-hit, “IT”. Yes folks, he’s going from an iconic Monster Clown to titans!

Harry Potter’s David Heyman will be producing the movie, alongside Heroes actor Masi Oka and the director’s sister, Barbara Muschietti, who also produced hit horror movies, “IT” and “MAMA”.

Muschietti is currently in production of the “IT: Chapter 2” film, which is a direct sequel to his mega-hit horror movie. He will be working on Attack on Titan after that movie.

Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal much about the new adaptation, but expect them to reveal more in the future.

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source: Variety


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