The Black Organization has been a thorn on Conan Edogawa’s side for a long time now. Decades even. Unfortunately, Detective Conan’s story hasn’t even scratched the surface of who or what they are. But now, as the manga heads to its 95th volume, new details on who its leader is are beginning to surface. The new volume will hit the stores in Japan on October 18, and in commemoration, mangaka Gosho Aoyama is now taking questions online on the Black Organization.

The manga’s editorial staff have posted an online form, and fans must fill it up in order to ask a question. There’s no limit to how many questions fans may ask, but it only has to be about the Black Organization. They must also submit their questions by tomorrow, October 14, 2018 in order for the staff to recognize them.

Shogakukan will then release the questions in a book titled Detective Conan SDB BLACK PLUS. They release a new SDB book every 10 manga volumes, which means we can expect the answers by Volume 100.

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source: Nijimen


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