As the mobile gaming platform rises, many are saying that home consoles are slowly becoming a thing of the past. And it seems that one of those who believe this to be true is Chinese phone giant, Huawei. During a recent product reveal, Huawei’s Richard Yu revealed three new phones. Among them is the Mate 20 X, which is bigger and more powerful than most smartphones out there. However, it’s Richard Yu’s claim that the Mate 20 X would be better than an actual gaming console for gaming purposes is what’s getting people to raise their eyebrows.

Yu claimed that not only does the phone boast a better cooling system than most phones (thus better for gaming), he also made other claims why it’s better than the Switch. He revealed that the Mate 20 X has a 7.2 inch screen, which is bigger than the Switch’s 6.2 inch screen. He also boasted that the phone would have a battery life that’s two times longer. However, the Huawei executive also revealed an add-on analog stick and D-Pad.

Well, the gamepad itself does look the Nintendo 3DS’s circle pad pro attachment, but OK…

However, even if the phone has all those features, its estimated price is at least US$1,000. Now that’s a ton of money just for one phone. Compare that to the Nintendo Switch which you can enjoy both at home plugged into a TV or away as a game pad and just costs about US$300…

The Mobile gaming market is still growing, and who knows? Maybe it will overthrow both console and PC gaming one day. However right now, it seems that the company is just cashing in on the popularity of the Switch. Though it would be interesting if they claim the same things for a phone better than the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox ONE.

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