In Japan, Prime Time TV happens from 7:00pm-10:00pm, and it has the most TV viewers for any time period. Usually, it’s littered with anime, and it wouldn’t be rare for a network to show multiple ones during that time frame on the same day. However, Prime Time Anime may become a thing of the past. This is because Japanese TV networks are only showing two anime on prime time these days. Both are on TV Asahi, and they are Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan.

TV Asahi airs these two anime every Friday. They air Doraemon at 7pm, and then Crayon Shin-chan at 7:30. Previously, the number of Prime Time Anime was four, which is still small compared to previous years. The change came about when TV Tokyo changed the time slots for both Pokemon Sun & Moon and Boruto. They used to air the two anime in Prime Time slots every Sunday. But now, they air Boruto every Sunday at 5:30pm, and then Pokemon at 6:00pm.

So this just leaves TV Asahi’s pair of long-running comedy anime on Prime Time. This is ironic as we are currently in the era which makes the most anime per season. However, the change has been attested to the boom of online streaming. Japan now has plenty of sites and services which stream anime, such as Niconico, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. This means that Japanese anime watchers would tend to watch online than to watch it on TV.

In Japan, the reality is just a small percentage of people are loyal anime watchers. The more mainstream audiences would tend to watch live-action dramas, news, and sports on TV more than anime. The shift of Japan’s otaku subculture to watching anime online rather than TV would have meant that they can now move some anime to other timeslots and place priority over other shows. Mainstream audiences outnumber otaku audiences, therefore making them more valuable to advertisers.

As for anime, the ad revenue isn’t really that great for TV. In fact, it’s expected to fetch more money through DD and Blu-ray sales rather than airing them on TV. They would also get more money online with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, even with all this happening, they still have a huge TV presence. Specifically, for the more adult-oriented Late-Night anime and the more Kid-oriented Morning Anime timeslots.

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source: Sora News 24


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