It looks like Sagiri, Elf, and the rest of the Eromanga crew are back! This time, they’re returning for a new 2-episode OVA which will focus on Elf and Sagiri. The staff even revealed a few stills for the upcoming OVA as well.

The new episodes for the OVA are titled “Elf Yamada’s Love Song” and “Sagiri Izumi’s First Kiss”.  They will release it in Blu-ray and DVD format on January 16, 2019. The Blu-ray edition will cost 7,000 yen, while the DVD version costs 6,000 yen.

They actually announced the OVA last year, in November 2017. They originally revealed that the new OVA will debut sometime in 2018, but they pushed it back to January. The cast from the TV anime will be returning to reprise their respective characters as well. And speaking of returns, director Ryohei Takeshita is also coming back, and he’s directing it over at A-1 Pictures.

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