It’s no secret that Will Smith’s son, singer, actor, philosopher, and walking meme, Jaden Smith, is a big anime fan. In fact, one of his favorites is Dragon Ball, and he’s singing about how he feels like the anime’s main character in his new song, “Goku”.

The song itself doesn’t really talk about the anime except for the “I feel like Goku” parts. But if you watch Dragon Ball, some of the lyrics do make sense. For example, there’s this line saying that he (Smith) had his credit card rejected. This might be a reference to how Goku and his family are often broke because Goku would rather practice martial arts than work and earn money for his family… much to Chichi’s chagrin.

Most of the other lyrics don’t really make sense though. But then again, this is Jaden Smith we’re talking about, who are we to question the great philosopher’s wisdom, right?

However, the promotional image does feature the Karate Kid star in Akihabara, the otaku capital of Japan.

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