For the first time, a Pokemon Center will finally be opening here in Singapore. To be exact, it’s opening in The Jewel over at Changi Airport during the first quarter of 2019. And like all the other official Pokemon Centers, this one will also have its own mascot as well! While the Megacenter in Ikebukuro has Mega Charizard Y and the one in Tokyo Sky Tree has Rayquaza, the Pokemon Company has revealed that Pokemon Center Singapore will have Lapras and the Mythical Pokemon, Celebi, as its mascots. They even revealed the new store’s logo featuring the two with Pikachu!

Aside from revealing the mascots and the logo, the Pokemon Company also revealed a new visual. This new visual not only features the three Pokemon above, but a host of other Pokemon as well. It even features a few Pokemonized versions of iconic Singapore landmarks like a Gyarados Merlion and a Wailord Marina Bay Sands.

This new Singaporean Pokemon Center will be offering the usual Pokemon Center goodies such as trading cards, plushies, toys, and all sorts of Poke merch. However, they will also sell exclusive goodies you can only buy in a Pokemon Center. Not only that, but they will also sell Singapore-only goodies you can’t find on any Pokemon Center in the world… even Japan!

The new Pokemon Center is just one of the shops arriving at Jewel Changi Airport. Other shops include Shake Shack, as well as the returning A&W. Swiss artisanal chocolatier Laderach, Norwegian casual seafood restaurant Pink Fish, and many more are also arriving. It will open during the first quarter of 2019.

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