Cells At Work was undoubtedly one of last season’s most popular anime. Not only was it a fun series to watch, it was also very educational. And now, it’s also getting a live-action stage play adaptation! The staff have revealed the cast members in costume, and they’re pretty loyal to Akane Shimizu’s original manga:

Masanari Wada as White Blood Cell (Neutrophil)

Kanon Nanaki as Red Blood Cell (Erythrocite)

Yuuki Kimisawa as Killer T Cell

Takeshi James Yamada as regular cell

Kimito Totani as Helper T Cell

Kaoru Marimura as Natural Killer Cell

Masaki Oota as Naive T Cell

Yuka Hirata as Macrophage

Chihiro Kai as Regulatory T Cell

Bishin Kawasumi as Dendritic Cell (Memory Cell)

Kaoru Masaki as B Cell

Yuumitsu Kishida, Kei Morita, and Ayane Kinouchi as Platelets

Yuki Masuda as Streptococcus pyogenes

Shun Takagi as Influenza-infected cell

Ryouma Baba as Pneumococcus

Shou Tomita as Staphylococcus aureus

The play’s official title is Tainai Katsugeki Hataraku Saibou or Internal Action Play Cells at Work. It will be running from November 16-25, 2018 at Tokyo’s Theatre 1010. Tsuyoshi Kida is directing it, with Keita Kawajiri writing the scripts.

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source: Comic Natalie



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