Prepare to laugh out loud even more later this month, as the live-action Saint Young Men (Saint Onii-san) series will finally premiere. According to the TV show’s official website, the (literally) godly comedy series will premiere on October 18, 2018 via Piccoma TV. The staff also revealed a few stills featuring the show’s divine duo:

Kenichi Matsuyama (DEATHNOTE) stars as Jesus Christ, while Shouta Sometani (STACY) stars as Buddha. And to give the series even more comedic chops, Yuichi Fukuda (Gintama 2) is directing it.

The comedy manga won plenty of awards, including the 13th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2009. It has also earned much critical acclaim through the years. Its anime adaptation also garnered much praise. Now with this new live-action series, fans are wondering how it will do, as it’s going to live up to such a big reputation.

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