The city of Numazu is the holy land for Love Live! Sunshine!!. The city provided the anime’s setting, and many anime tourists flock the city from all over Japan (and the rest of the world) every day. It’s also common to see Love Live! Sunshine!! itasha around the city as well. However, it looks like one of these itasha owners misbehaved and allegendly ran over a woman and fled the scene. Thankfully, local Numazu caught the suspect. Unfortunately, they also towed his You Watanabe itasha away.

The 23-year old itasha owner was originally from Tsukuba, Ibaraki. And when he hit the woman, he apparently injured her, and there were witnesses. The victim, a 79-year old woman, was crossing the street when the You itasha turned right at an intersection and hit her. She suffered a broken wrist while the itasha drove away. The incident allegedly happened last October 13, and they caught the suspect fairly quickly.

Having an itasha based on just one anime character will get you identified quickly. And this was the reason why the police quickly identified and captured the owner.

Aside from being Love Live! Sunshine!!’s holy land, Numazu is also home to a very elderly population. This has resulted in many conflicts between the anime tourists and pilgrims and local residents. The city’s local government, as well as the anime’s staff, have repeatedly asked visitors to respect the privacy of locals. However, this sometimes falls to deaf ears, as incidents like teenagers vandalizing the Love Live manhole covers and many more happen from time to time.

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source: Yomiuri Shimbun


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