Odex Private Limited has posted in their Facebook page a warning to Malaysian anime fans not to record the screenings of anime films. The announcement happened as one cinema-goer was caught recording the My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes film.

The incident has no doubt put Odex Private Ltd., as well as Malaysia’s Golden Screen Cinemas, in hot water with the film’s copyright holders. This means that the country is in danger of not getting any more anime films in the future, as this incident has happened before.

Here is Odex’s official statement on the incident:

It has come to our attention that someone has posted on social media photo of a scene from MY HERO ACADEMIA movie in Malaysia GSC cinema.

Taking photo or video recording of any movies in a cinema is a criminal offense and an infringement of copyright.

Such irresponsible actions put Malaysia in a negative light before the copyright owners. To prevent similar recurrences, they may place Malaysia as the last overseas location to screen future anime movies or ban screenings in the affected country.

We experienced this setback one year ago. ODEX and GSC, with the support of many anime fans managed to rebuild the trust.

Within hours of the damaging post, many anime fans have written to the culprit and the post has since been taken down.

ODEX would like to thank the unsung heroes who acted swiftly to contain the problem before it gets blown out of proportion. Malaysia anime community’s integrity could not have been upheld without your help.

Kudos to the guardians of Malaysia anime community.

So remember folks, if you want to have more anime screenings in your country, don’t be a bonehead and don’t record it. This has already happened in Indonesia, as frequent recordings forced copyright holders to postpone or outright cancel many anime screenings.

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